Client Projects

Mike Rodriguez - Technologist

BallinLegit, LLC

Android and iOS App Development
Developed the official Android and iOS app for the BallinLegit, LLC webstore.

Salinas Valley Pride Celebration

IT and Online Broadcasting
Assisted with production and technical aspects of broadcasting the 2021 Connected in Pride 2.0 event. Ran and managed the machines, network, and software during the event and provided technical assistance and support throughout.

Max Fit Sports Nutrition

Project Manager and IT Specialist
Designed their web storefront. Managed and updated their network of websites and platforms including Max Fit, Max Fit Meals, Max Fit Blends, and Forbidden Labz on Magento and Shopify. Designed marketing materials, posters, flyers, window clings, signage, logos, etc. Managed social media and search engine presence across Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Developed the Max Fit Meals Android App and iOS App. Photo and video shoots and production for social media featuring various models, celebrities, and athletes including Sadik Hadzovik, Robert Oberst, Mike Rashid, etc. Was the general project manager for all video and photo shoots and was in charge of contracted employees and sourcing equipment.

Pluralsight (formerly TrainSignal, Inc.)

Contract Writer
Long-term writer for Pluralsight. Over 50 published articles on IT Certification Preparation across various certification platforms like Microsoft, CompTIA, and more.

Space Systems Integration, LLC

Server Administrator and Backend Developer
Worked remotely with SSI to help design and implement a networking solution to allow secure communications and data transfers between a server and client machines. More recently, I started working as remote Server Administrator to handle their server maintenance, upgrades, and other various tasks.

Costa Verde Paper Supply

SEO Specialist
Worked with CVPS to make key changes to their new Magento storefront to help bring in new customers through Search Engine Optimization. Acquired backlinks, partnerships, and customers through both old and new SEO methods, bringing multiple keywords and phrases to #1 on Google and Bing. Managed and designed their Google Adwords Campaigns, bringing the store up to a quarter-million dollars in sales and earning myself 25% ownership in the company. (Left in 2013.)


  • Crossfit Hyperactive - Developed and managed website and server.
  • Golden Essentials Delivery - Developed and managed website, server, eCommerce shop, document uploads. Designed and managed iOS and Android app.
  • Gary Nana’s BBQ - Designed and hosted website.
  • TEDxYouth@Monterey - Designed and hosted website. Handled security and threat mitigation during a DDOS attack.
  • Del Rey Chiropractic - Worked as technology consultant/tech.
  • Law Offices of Blanca Zarazua - Worked as technology consultant/tech.
  • Demand Media - Writer.
  • Associated Content - Writer.
  • and more…