Tech Helper

Perform common tech-related maintenance tasks.
Perform common tech-related maintenance tasks in an easy to use CMD GUI hybrid. CMD program for quick and discrete use, full executable (.net) for more visual functions and features as well as a cleaner interface.



IPConfig Tools
  • View IP Configuration
  • Release/Renew IP
  • Tracert
  • NetStat
  • NSLookup
  • Ping an IP/Server/Domain
Remove Sality Keylogger
Grab SASIxp and/or ClassXP Shortcuts
Backup User Files to Server
Disconnect User from Server
Task Manager (Built In)
  • View Running Tasks
  • Kill a Task
  • Start a Task
Services Manager (Built In)
  • View Services List
  • Stop a Service
  • Start a Service
Disk Tools
  • Check Disk (Read Only)
  • Check Disk with Error/Sector Repair
  • Schedule CHKDSK to run next Startup


GUI Version
CMD Version