Graves (Assault)
Graves charges head-on into combat, fearlessly leading the team with unparalleled bravery and strength.
Ramona (Sharpshooter)
Ramona eliminates enemies with deadly precision from a distance, showcasing her unmatched sharpshooting skills.
Pyro (Tank)
Pyro withstands the fiercest of attacks, protecting the team with unyielding strength and resilience.
Leila (Medic)
Leila ensures the team's survival by healing wounds and providing crucial support as a dedicated medic.
Blake (Gunslinger)
Blake unleashes rapid firepower with unrivaled speed and accuracy, making him a quick-witted gunslinger to be reckoned with.
Dora (Runner)
Dora swiftly maneuvers through the chaos, securing objectives and outpacing any opposition with her agile running skills.