Work Experience

Mike Rodriguez - Technologist

Private Mentor, Consultant, and Teacher

NeuroNav, 2023 - Present
I currently work as a private 1:1 mentor, teacher, and consultant for students enrolled in the California Self-Determination Program (SDP). My role involves assisting students with developmental challenges in planning, designing, and completing their software and game development projects.

Technology/Digital Solutions eLearning Contractor

Weston Distance Learning / US Career Institute, 2023 - Present
I collaborate with project managers and subject matter experts to develop creative, intuitive, and engaging learning solutions for adult learners. My work involves integrating simulations, gamification, and VR into courseware to enhance student persistence within a proprietary learning management platform.

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Ready for Industry, NOCTI, 2023 - Present
Responsibilities undisclosed due to non-disclosure agreement.

Course Subject Matter Expert (SME) Writer

eDynamicLearning, 2018 - Present
Perform duties of writing and editing as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the fields of Programming, Computer Science, and Game Design. Contributions include authoring multiple game design and programming courses, alongside editing a plethora of others. Engaged in public speaking as a keynote presenter and panel member at the eDL Virtual Summit in both 2020 and 2021.

Course Developer, Instructor

GameDev.tv, 2022 - Present
Currently developing the GameDev.tv Unreal Engine 5.1 Action Adventure Course. This course covers the latest features of Unreal Engine 5 including blueprints, MetaHumans, Megascans, Behavior Trees, and more!

Project Manager, Developer

Mayu, 2019 - Present
Working as a programmer and project manager for various client projects at Mayu. Designed Augmented Reality (AR) filters that take advantage of ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for their environmental waste awareness campaign. Worked with developers on website development and upgrades, including 3D integration using Three.js, 2D animation, and other accessible web design implementations. Developed AI solutions for workshops as well as privatived LLM use with LangChain for the healthcare field.

Career and Technical Education Teacher (CTE, Computer Science and Game Design)

Alisal High School (SUHSD), 2019 - 2020
Employed as a full-time instructor for Computer Science and Game Design during the Summer of 2019 and throughout the 2019-2020 academic year.

Career and Technical Education Teacher (CTE), Game Design and Media Production

Millennium Charter High School (MCOE), 2017 - 2019
Actively engaged in the full-time role of a CTE Certified Teacher, instructing students in Game Design and Media Production. Responsibilities range from conducting introductory classes to delivering in-depth, daily, 4-hour courses.

Career and Technical Education Instructor (CTE), Game Design and Coding & Advisory Committee Member

The Taylor Farms Center for Learning (Future Citizens Foundation), 2018 - 2019
Held the position of a Game Design and Coding Instructor catering to students of various age groups from Elementary to High School. Provided workshops including Introduction to 2D Game Design, Introduction to 3D Game Design, HTML/CSS Coding, Web Page Design, Python Programming, and more.

Game Design and Integration Instructor and Consultant

The Media Center for Art, Education & Technology (MCAET, MCOE), 2016-2018
Facilitated the development of courses aligned with CTE curriculum pathways, employing software like GameSalad, GameMaker Studio 2, Unreal Engine, and Unity. Previously imparted education at the MCAET Digital Media Lab and the Mobile Digital Media Studio at the Bay School of San Francisco. Conducted Computer Literacy and Excel classes in Spanish at Alba Farms in Salinas. Served as a Substitute/On-call Video Production Instructor.

Refurbishment and Workshop Instructor

Loaves, Fishes, and Computers (LFC), 2018
Instructed a Chromebook refurbishment class at LFC for low-income families, in both English and Spanish. The initiative allowed all participants to take home a free Chromebook after the session.

Computer Technician

Carmel Unified School District (CUSD), 2014
Managed support for multiple school sites concerning hardware, software, and networking. Was instrumental in the deployment and support of student Chromebooks, maintaining a 1:1 student to laptop ratio across the district.

Computer Lab Technician, Webmaster, LAN and Hardware Support Technician, Reconfiguration and Logistics Specialist

Monterey Peninsula Unified School District (MPUSD), 2010 - 2014
Operated the Computer Lab at Del Rey Woods Elementary. Developed and executed after-school programs for students, staff, and parents, in line with Common Core Standards. Integrated technology classes, including game design with code.org for K-5 grades. Managed tech inventory systems, offered hardware, software, and networking support at the school site. Maintained and developed websites across various school sites, trained teachers and staff, designed and programmed electronic LED signage, and contributed to the Technology Planning Committee.

Educational Computer Technician, II

Alisal Union School District (AUSD), 2007 - 2010
Provided support to students and staff for hardware, software, and networking issues. Delivered video production and basic computer classes to students during summer sessions and the school year. Assisted in producing a weekly morning news show featuring students, broadcast over the school’s cable system. Managed technology services at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Academy, Fremont Elementary School, and Creekside Elementary School. Contributed to the development and planning of a Technology Use Plan for future funding and school years.