Items / Mechanics

Perks / Classes

Each character is assigned a starting perk/class. However, throughout the gameplay, any character can unlock any perk by purchasing them at a perk machine.
Faster Shooting Speed
Extra Health (250HP vs. 100HP)
Extra Weapon Slot (3 Total)
Fast Revive (Multiplayer) OR Self-Revive (Single Player)
Unlimited Sprint / Faster Sprinting
Faster Reload Times

Perk Machines

Perk Machines allow the player to purchase specific class perks, even if they aren't of that class.
Perk machines are placed throughout the map and the available perks are randomized on each playthrough.
Some perks will need to be powered on using a battery, or by connecting them to a power terminal.

Mystery Box / Random Weapon Crate

The player can purchase a random weapon from the random weapon box. This costs 1500 points and can generally be used fairly early in the game.
Mystery Box / Random Weapon Crate

Buy Stations

Currently, you can find Ammo Buy stations, as well as weapon wall-buy stations on every map.
Ammo Buy Station on the Construction Yard (2042) Map
Rocket Launcher Wall-Buy on the Construction Yard (2042) Map

Wave System

As you defeat enemy waves, the number of zombies spawned per wave increases. Individual zombie health and speed also increases incrementally as the wave numbers increase.
For multiplayer, the number of zombies per wave is increased based on player count.
Every 3-5 waves, a boss will spawn. Bosses have a much higher health, but are generally slower and easier to outmaneuver.


Powerups are dropped randomly by downed zombies.
  • Quad Points (Limited Time 4x Multiplier)
  • Max Ammo
  • Bonus Points (+500 Points, +100 Health)
  • Health Bonus (Max Health)


Traps will often require prerequisites to use. For example, some traps, like the Electric Trap, require you to pay to open the door first, otherwise, zombies won't use the route or be affected. Other traps must first be powered up by either a battery, or connecting them to a power source.
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