Pre-Made Workshops

Pre-made workshops aligned to CTE Standards.

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Planning to run a game design, game development, or coding workshop on your campus?

Each game (deliverable) includes:

  • Lesson Plans (Daily lesson plans that walk students through creating the deliverable, while aligning content to CTE AME Game Design State Standards.)
  • Full day-by-day Teachers Guide (Organized and structured guide that provides scaffolding, ELL strategies, troubleshooting tips, detailed explanations, and more.)
  • Daily slideshows for students that covers what they'll learn. Slideshow content is aligned to state standards.
  • Printables for student planning, design, organization, and more. (Also available as digital forms.)
  • Sample Files for every lesson.
  • Completed Project Source Code
  • Students will each create their own playable and shareable game by the end of the full workshop.
  • Scaffolding allows students to follow along directly, or create something completely unique.
My workshops have been used at the following educational institutions:
  • Monterey County Office of Education (MCOE)
  • Media Center for Arts, Entertainment, and Technology (MCAET)
  • Mobile Digital Media Studio (Monterey County)
  • Bay School of San Francisco (Private)
  • The Future Citizens Foundation (CASP)
  • The Taylor Farms Center for Learning (First Tee)
  • Alisal High School (SUHSD)
  • Millennium Charter High School (MCOE)
  • Del Rey Woods Elementary School (MPUSD)
Choose a game from the list below for the full-course outline.
GameMaker Workshops
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PlayCanvas Workshops
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Unity Workshops
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Unreal Engine Workshops
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Godot Workshops
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Construct Workshops
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