In the near future, Earth is plunged into chaos by a devastating zombie outbreak. The world is in disarray, and humanity is on the brink of extinction. Amidst the chaos, a group of four friends come together, united by their desire to survive and find a way out of this nightmare.
As the four friends search for answers, they stumble upon a decrepit laboratory hidden in the ruins of an abandoned city. Inside, they discover a mysterious time machine, seemingly capable of transporting them to different eras and locations. They quickly realize that this time machine may be their only chance for survival and decide to use it to escape the hordes of zombies that relentlessly pursue them.
However, as the friends use the time machine, they inadvertently bring the zombie infection along with them. This causes the zombie outbreak to spread across different timelines and locations, leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake. The friends now find themselves in a race against time, as they must fight their way through the waves of zombies in each era, locate the time machine, and use it to escape before being overrun.
Throughout their journey, the friends are taunted by a mad scientist, known only as the Overseer. Communicating with the group through an intercom, he gleefully mocks their attempts to escape and manipulates their surroundings. It soon becomes apparent that the Overseer is responsible for the creation of the time machine and, ultimately, the zombie outbreak.
The friends' quest to survive and stop the zombie infection takes them through various historical settings, such as ancient Rome, the Wild West, and World War II, among others. Each era presents its unique challenges, forcing the group to adapt and cooperate to overcome them. Along the way, the friends uncover the Overseer's twisted motivations and the truth about the time machine, which holds the key to saving not only themselves but also the course of history.
As the friends continue to hop through time, they must not only face the ever-growing zombie menace but also confront the consequences of their actions.
In a final confrontation, the friends must face off against the Overseer, and put an end to his twisted experiments once and for all. Only then can they hope to restore the timelines, end the zombie outbreak, and find a way back to their own time.