Linux for Gaming (Operating System)
LFGos is built on Ubuntu Core 22.04.3 but may be switched to Linux Mint 21.2 "Victoria". Still Ubuntu at it's core, but closer to Windows UI.
Changelog (23.9.8)
  • Lutris installed.
  • Heroic Launcher (3rd-party epic games launcher) installed.
  • Feral's GameMode installed.
    • CPU governor
    • I/O priority
    • Process niceness
    • Kernel scheduler (SCHED_ISO)
    • Screensaver inhibiting
    • GPU performance mode (NVIDIA and AMD), GPU overclocking (NVIDIA)
    • Custom scripts
  • Proton 8 installed.
  • Proton Experimental installed.
  • Proton EasyAntiCheat compatibility.
  • Proton BattleEye compatibility.
  • Proton Hotfix.
  • Proton Next.
  • Installed gaming-graphics-core22.
Changelog (23.9.7)
  • OEM Mode for OOBE
  • Ubuntu light install (does not include unnecessary bloat/applications.)
  • Steam installed.
  • RetroArch installed.
  • Mitigations=off toggle
  • Install Edge w/Xbox cloud streaming
  • Install Chiaki for PS cloud streaming
Last modified 5mo ago