MAY 31ST, 2022

Another quick update! We’ve officially partnered with Ready Player Me to bring your customized avatars directly into Paragon Tournament!

  • Dev Partnership with Ready Player Me

  • Integrated RPM with UE4 build.

  • Simple URL entry to import character into the game.

MAY 30TH, 2022

Hey everyone!

Another update today! And it’s a BIG one. I’ve added in Boris and Dekker’s models, materials, and animations. Linked animations to our current battle system and set up intro/cinematics for each existing character. I’ve also added two new stages, which can be found on the Stages / Environments page.

One big thing I’ve kept in consideration is character balancing. There are a WIDE range of character types and sizes in this game, so I’ve gone ahead and aligned the original Paragon statistics to a 30 point character attribute system that resembles modern Smash Bros games. We’ll be using Speed, Weight, Attack, Special, Defense, and Recovery attributes, with a max of 30 points across all areas. The UE Mannequins, MetaHumans, and ReadyPlayerMe’s will all use a completely balanced 5/5/5/5/5/5 attribute sheet, and will be able to switch between all fighting styles. Characters fighting in their original styles will gain the benefit of higher character-specific attributes, at the cost of other attributes. Initial balance numbers can be found on the Characters page.

Finally, I’ve researched the ReadyPlayerMe documentation and am confident at being able to bring support to the game. ReadyPlayerMe allow’s you to upload a selfie, which will then be converted into a 3D model using machine learning. You can then customize your character’s appearance and clothing, then import it right into the game! Now you can play against your friends as your own characters!

  • Added Boris character.

  • Added Dekker character.

  • Added character attributes to all current characters. (First balance builds.)

  • Added ReadyPlayerMe integration. (Planned)

  • KickStarter project planned/page built.

  • Added “The Bridge”, Ice Lands stage.

  • Added “The Old Inn”, Lost Ruins stage. (KK Design)

  • Added Menu screen.

  • Added Character Select screen (functional).

  • Added online lobby system/multiplayer stage (replicated movement/attacks).

  • Added Settings menu (not fully functional).

MAY 26TH, 2022

  • Website officially launched!

  • Initial movement alpha released for testing.

  • 2D Camera with center/expanding follow.

  • Added Aurora character.

  • Added Countess character.

  • Added Windwalker Echo / Lumen character.

  • Added Jack Marley (MetaHuman, The Hacker’s Toolkit) character.

  • Added Dalia Rose (MetaHuman, The Hacker’s Toolkit) character.

  • Added Mannequin (m/f) character(s).

  • Added “Ruins of Agora”, Agora / Monolith stage.

  • Added stage mechanic “The Flood” to “Ruins of Agora” stage.

  • Added stage mechanic “Powerup/item drop” to “Ruins of Agora” stage.

  • Added “Castle“, Elven Ruins (Grasslands) stage.

  • Added “The Bridge“, Elven Ruins (Grasslands) stage.

  • Added “The Forge“, Firelands stage.

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